Stability, flexibility and control for your organisation

A property leasing solution which enables you to maintain the control of key aspects of the asset.

The customer is always our core interest. We want to maintain a mutual beneficial relationship and help you to evolve your business. Long-term collaboration and strong partnerships are our primary hallmarks.

Long-term solution

Flexibility help us meet your needs for your business.

Here’s how it works

You sell your property to us and free up capital. We are also able to fund a new built construction if it is strategic and long-term for your needs.


You sign a lease agreement which gives you long-term use and control of the property, with full visibility of costs from the beginning. You will know where you stand with us. We are transparent, straightforward, and consistent in our approach.


You maintain full control of key aspects of the asset. We invest in building long-term relationships and can support with funding for sustainable investments during our partnership.


The agreement can include buy-back options at pre-determined amounts and dates. The lease fee you pay during lease period is contributing to amortise the residual value of the asset which will be to your benefit in case of exercising the option to buy back the asset. You may even benefit from an increase in market value over the lease term.

Who is this for?

Our solution is ideal for financially sound Corporate companies and Public sector organisations with properties or infrastructure that are of great strategic importance to their operations. The customer is in primary focus, not the location. The concept can also be applied in connection with new-builds.